About Us

Established in 2013 according to the law of foundations and associations, Onlimit Media is one of the rarest organizations that through the strength of social media, promotes freedom of the media, investigative journalism and human rights. OnlimitMedia is an independent organization that puts an effort on open, democratic, permissive and liberal society, in which one the most important values is freedom of public speech as part of the corpus of human rights, guaranteed by Law and International conventions whose signatory is The Republic of Macedonia.

The Onlimit Media defines its vision as an organization that will serve as a model in the process of decontamination of the media in Macedonia in the aspect of offering sources of impartial information under conditions of limited controlled space ofmedia by the political parties. The main goal of Onlimit Media is confronting the political and ethnic parallelism inserted in the system of the media. Creating possibilities of positive interaction based on equal status between citizens of different ethnic groups and strategies which Onlimit Media through its activities promotes collaboration in order to provide a way that the citizens that belong to different ethnic groups can equally contribute in promoting human rights.

Onlimit Media through its activities, directly commits for support and development of the use of social media, inserting and meeting new techniques and tools in order to include young professionals and academic population in participating democracy in order to promote human rights with special accent in recognition and fight against all forms of discrimination, based on: gender, religion, ethnic groups, social status and political determination.

Since its existence, Onlimit Media is not a “typical” organization. It generates alternative ways of investigation, heading to analysis and advice about local and international questions that allows the creators of politics and public bring well thought decisions, related to public politics. Namely, by forming a social network “a non-passionate critical journalism” as an innovation and answer to usurped journalism they challenged the monopoly of which the political centers hold above state and private media. Freed of the needs of the journalism under dictation, centralized control and distribution of exceptional pro-government clientele, Onlimit Media as part of the social media made a huge step in promoting democracy and human rights.

Understanding and practice of human rights is an important element in the formation of a young population that will promote democracy, which will advocate for democracy, live in a society where the value of understanding the differences is a synonym for equality and social justice. This will help young professionals besides capacity building and infrastructure inclusiveness in criticism to take ownership and have a direct involvement in legislative processes in order to achieve transparency, accountability, fair and impartial administration of public policies. Namely, the goal is to create a space for freedom of public opinion in order of detection of significant deficiencies in the functioning of society and the status of human rights through social media, it provides unbiased policy analysis, leads active combat to promote ethics of journalism through mutual social media.

Onlimit Media section of constituents can state that made a serious step in the system of practicing journalism and is among the first organizations that stimulated and brought new approach to journalism as well as alternative opportunities of practicing for young professionals. Namely, through educational sessions and training created a group of active people who through classical journalism and its alternative sources promote and practice human rights through only bilingual platform.

By organizing informal educational sessions introduced young professionals with online resources accessible for journalists, media experts, as well as students of journalism and young professionals who advocate to promote human rights and activism